Exhibition: There is a Ladder, Reaching for the Unknown

Friday, October 6 through November 30, 2017, 7:00 pm

Delving into the unknown is an aspect of original creative work in a wide array of arts disciplines, including the sciences. To follow the gleam of an idea to its eventual realization requires a sustained leap of faith. To dispel impressions that inventions and art arise spontaneously, fully formed, this exhibition reveals and honors the creative leaps of faith of 20 award-winning local and international luminaries. “There is a ladder” is a line from the great Adrienne Rich poem, “Diving Into the Wreck,” in which the metaphor of ‘diving’ reflects revelation and discovery.

This unusual collection of sketchbooks, manuscripts, palettes and artifacts presents the formative stages of important inventions and creative works, including those of novelist Louise Erdrich, printmakers Gaylord Schanilec and Fred Hagstrom, storyteller Kevin Kling, visual artist Mary Griep, and many others juxtaposed against the experimental machines and journals of Dr. A.P. Anderson, the Anderson Center’s ancestral founder and muse.

Quilomene Bar
Suzette Clough
Phil Docken
Louise Erdrich
Mary Griep
Fred Hagstrom
Robert Hedin
Wayne Horvitz
Diane Katsiaficas
Scott King
Vesna Kittelson
Kevin Kling
Rosemary Moore
Molly Reichert
Gaylord Schanilec
Stanton Sears
Cate Whittemore