Sculpture Garden and Nature Walk:

Developed by the Center in 1996, with assistance from the Red Wing Environmental Learning Center and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, this 15 acre park is one of Minnesota's largest sculpture gardens and includes works by nationally and internationally acclaimed sculptors, including Charles Biederman, Siah Armajani, and Zoran Mojsilov. Complete with observation deck, walking trails, benches, picnic areas, interpretive signs, mesic prairie areas, a model of the solar system, and stunning vistas of the Cannon River valley, this spacious open-air gallery serves as an artistic and educational resource, a natural habitat, and a quiet place where one can glimpse a sampling of the region's original native ecosystem. There are currently over 30 sculptures in the garden and on Anderson Center grounds. See the "Take a Tour" page for an aerial view.

Or this link will take you to a slideshow showing most of the current sculpures.