"I will always remain in awe of the emotional, physical, philosophical, and spiritual environment that I was allowed to share with a handful of remarkable, dedicated people for one month in October. Thank you so much for the most memorable and important experience in my life as an artist."
- Rea Mingeva,
Visual Artist, Minnesota

Our Recent Residents:

Residents of the Anderson Center have come from 45 different states and more than 40 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and Uganda.

Marianne Boruch, West Lafayette, IN-Poet
Diane Ramos, Oberlin, OH-Mixed Media
Anna Boyer, Wayzata, MN-Mixed Media
Jessica Anthony, Portland, ME-Fiction
Carolyn Kras, La Grange, IL-Playwright
Troy Perkins, Neenah, WI-Screenwriter

Karin Rosman, Seattle, WA-Fiction
Michelle Flom, San Luis Obispo, CA-Fiction
Heie Treier, Tallin, Estonia-Ceramics
David Groff, New York, NY-Poet
Agnes Martin Barly, New York, NY-Painting
Michael White, Wilmington, NC-Poet

Markus Blaha, Salzburg, Austria-Photography
Angélica Minero Escobar, Huddinge, Sweden -Musicology
Tom Virgin, Coconut Grove, FL-Printmaking
Cristiane Flores Garcia, Hemet, CA-Poet
Michael Tsalka, Huddinge, Sweden-Concert Piano

Justin Waldstein, NY Painter
Elizabeth Riley, NY Mixed Media
Kara Olson; MN Poetry
Kyle McCarthy; NY Fiction
Mike Gardner; NY Fiction

Jim Heynen, MN, Fiction
Huang Zuziang, China, Photographer
Jessica Mongeon, MT, Painter
John Coy, MN, Children's Lit writer
Aliki Barnstone, MO, Poet
Miles Waggener, NE, Poet

Marjo Kilgast, Finland, Ceramics
Stacy Elko, TX, Printmaker
Beth Baker, MT, Nonfiction writer
Greta Schuler, Non fiction writer; MO
Tim Nola, MN Poet


Vishwas Gaitonde, CA-Fiction
Norbert Marklin, MN-Photography
Rich Orloff, NY-Drama
Andrew Palmer, IA-Fiction
Nicole Gibbs, OH-Visual Arts

Stephan Clark, MN-Fiction
Carrie Mesrobian, MN-Poetry
Sheila O'Connor, MN-Young Adult Literature
Carla Stetson, NY-Mixed Media
Kate Wallop, WY-Fiction

Sara Campos, CA-Fiction
Mitchell Douglas, IN-Poetry
Angelica Minero Escobar, Sweden-Musicology
Eva Möseneder, Austria-Printmaking
Corrine Duchesne, Canada-Painting
Michael Tsalka, Sweden-Concert Piano
Isabel Harding, MN-Fiction
David Malley, MN-Fiction

Shannon Brunette, NY-Film and Video
Richard Donnelly, MN-Poetry
Eric Vrooman, MN-Fiction
Anne Guidry, MN-Fiction
Brandon Neubauer, NY-Multidisciplinary
Lee Romer Kaplan, NY-Fiction

Susan O'Malley, HI-Papermaking/Sculpture
Wanling Sun, China-Visual Arts
Ann Starr, OH-Fiction
Patricia Wakida, CA-Nonfiction

Ingrid Allik, Estonia-Ceramics
Craig Wilkins, MI-Nonfiction
Canyon Sam, CA-Nonfiction
James Lenfestey, MN-Poetry
Julie Jilek, WI-Painting

"This residency has been a gift for which I am so very grateful. I have been able to complete my work with clarity while maintaining the integrity of my voice. I am humbled by the Anderson Center 's support and belief in my work."
- Dr. Donna Barnes, Sociologist, California

Frank Bures, MN - Nonfiction
Zac Benson, TN - Sculpture
Micah Bloom, MN - Painting
Jennifer Conrad, WI - Poetry
Fereydoun Faryad, Greece & Iran - Poetry/Translation
Molly McCloskey, Ireland - Fiction
David Vayo, IL - Music Composition

Barbara DeGrote-Sorenson, MN - Nonfiction
Michael Downs, MD - Fiction
Mira Gerard, TN - Painting
Eugene Gloria, IN - Poetry
Jessica Matson-Fluto, ND - Painting
Jacob Saenz, IL - Poetry
Lauren Schwerd, LA - Fabric/Textiles
Bill Sommer, GA - Fiction

Angelica Minero Escobar, Mexico - Musicology
Sarah Fox, MN - Poetry
Nick Healy, MN - Fiction
Christopher Keimig, MN - Fiction
Jacob Saenz, IL - Poetry
Martina Stock, Austria - Painting
Michael Tsalka, Israel - Concert Piano
Tom Virgin, FL - Printmaking

Elvira Clayton, New York - Mixed Media
Jenny Dunning, MN - Fiction
Sean Madigan Hoen, NY - Nonfiction
Lisa Ko, NY - Fiction
Thomas John Malaskee, MN - Fiction
Fernanda Sequeiros Hart, MN - Sculpture
Nicole Volk, MN - Mixed Media

Elaine Elinson, CA - Fiction
Lynne McMahon, IL - Poetry/Drama
Sherod Santos, IL - Poetry/Drama
Cori Sherlock, MN - Book Arts
Asia Ward, MN - Sculpture

Nancy Barry, IA - Nonfiction
Angie Chau, CA - Fiction
Tomas Jurgis Daunora, Lithuania - Ceramics
H.L. Hix, WY - Poetry
Xu Jianwen, China - Printmaking

"The Anderson Center has been a sheltering refuge, far removed from the frenzied pace of this long journey home. When I give thanks next week, high amoung the Sangrede Christos of New Mexico, I'll have a heart of gratitude for this place and for this part of the country."
- Gendron Jensen,
Vadito, New Mexico

Jonathan Blunk NY - Nonfiction
Marianne Boruch, IN - Poetry
Nina Herzog NY - Nonfiction
Anna George Meek, MN - Poetry
Jason Ruhl, WI - Mixed Media
Richard Stephens, MN - Painting

Howard Axelrod, MA - Nonfiction
Tenaya Darlington, PA - Fiction
Corinne Duchesne, Canada - Painting
Mark Gustafson, MN - Literary History
Sheri Joseph, GA - Fiction
Emily Murphy, WA - Nonfiction
Mary Porterfield, IL - Painting
Juniper White, WA - Poetry

Friederike Bothe, Austria - Painting
Diana Marie Delgado, NY - Poetry
Angelica Minero Escobar, Mexico - Musicology
Ibrahima Kaba, MN - Spoken Word
Michael Tsalka, Israel - Concert Piano

Britt Aamodt, MN - Fiction
Attila Ray Dabasi, MN - Sculpture
Denise K. Lajimordiere, MN - Poetry
Aharon Levy, NY - Fiction
Anne Nelson, MN - Painting
Eric Sasson, NY - Fiction

Maggie Dubris, NY - Nonfiction
Sharon Fain, CA - Poetry
Lynn Koble, NY - Sculpture
Dan McClelland, MN - Painting
Reese Okyong Kwon, CA - Fiction

Vance Gellert, MN - Photography/Writing
Joanne Jacobson, NY - Nonfiction
James Lenfestey, MN - Poetry
Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, OK - Poetry
Dainis Pundurs, Latvia - Painting