"I will always remain in awe of the emotional, physical, philosophical, and spiritual environment that I was allowed to share with a handful of remarkable, dedicated people for one month in October. Thank you so much for the most memorable and important experience in my life as an artist."
- Rea Mingeva,
Visual Artist, Minnesota

Our Recent Residents:

Residents of the Anderson Center have come from 45 different states and more than 40 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and Uganda.


Alexandra Sargent Capps, TN-Nonfiction
Bernard Grant, WA-Fiction
Dina Milaga, Greece-Pottery
Peter Pearson, MN-Children’s Literature
Greg Ruffing, IL-Photography

Bex Freund, CA-Mixed Media
Antoine Hunter, CA-Dance
Raymond Luczak, MN-Poetry
Rachel Mazique, IL-Scholar
Jeremy Qurioga, WA-Mixed Media

Luisa Caycedo-Kimura, CT-Poetry
Angelica Minero Escobar, Sweden-Musicology
Michael Tsalks, Sweden-Musicology
Tom Virgin, FL -Printmaking
Lisa Wieder, Austria-Painting
Jonathan Escoffery-MN, Fiction
John Costello-MN, Fiction

Ari Tabei, NY-Fabric artist
Kelley Meister, MN-Mixed Media
Emily Ha, NY-Nonfiction
Amy McCaan, MN-Poetry
Ciara Shuttleworth, NY-Poetry

Anatoly Stepanov, Russia-Sculpture
Cathy Ryan, MN-Book Artist
Merisella Viega, FL-Nonfiction
Jessamine Chan, NY-Fiction
Nick Healy, MN-Fiction

Laura Sarkane, Romania-Ceramics
Heather Taylor Johnson, South Australia-Fiction
Regula Russelle, MN-Printmaking
Susan Kim Campbell, CA-Fiction
Robin Underdahl, TX-Fiction